Saturday, April 24, 2010

Freelance Workers of America

Freelance Workers of America is a company founded upon one principle: to bring freelancers together to get the job done. We can fulfill many tasks from writing, designing, marketing and more. Here is a little information about our workers to help you to get to know us better.


Mary Briggs is a stay at home mom to three little girls. Her full time job is a freelance writer/internet marketer/affiliate marketer. She has been a writer since a very young age and has been doing freelance writing for over 2 years now. Her abilities range in writing blogs, website content, articles and marketing materials. Her passion is her work and she prides herself on quality, original work.


Jeany Miller is a full-time freelance writer who started her career with a small firm in Chicago two years ago. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Cleary University. In college, she actively wrote for both the newspaper and yearbook publications. Today, her knowledge is primarily in creating and editing web content. She also was recently accepted into the Institute for Children's Literature.


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